« The quartet of saxophones A piacere is one of these formations which is born outside of Paris and of which we immediately say that's it worth the best formations of the capital city. These four musicians have a great instrumental mastery which allows them to successfully address all tendencies of the contemporary repertoire. You will certainly get to hear about them. »
MARTIAL SOLAL pianist & composer

« Music is opening, moving, musicians meet, talk, confront, jazzmen leave their ghetto, classical musicians argue, borders are getting more open, barriers are disappearing. I would like to thank the quartet A piacere for having made me hear "A reed goes" better than what I could imagine myself. »
FRANCOIS JEANNEAU saxophonist & composer

« Master, pedagogue, but above all musician, Jean-Pierre Caens knows what he is talking about. Music is his business, his life. His book "Saxophone facing its repertoire" is a sign of passion and the result of a quest of truth. A great talent. »
JEAN-MARIE LONDEIX saxophonist & pedagogue

« The quartet of saxophones A Piacere wins, ignoring the identity crisis. »